Creation from ZERO

Establish relations of trust. Make customers smile. Set up cost down mechanism. Establish ONOCOM-styled employee training system. If there are any missing pieces, ONOCOM’s employees will be able to initiate by themselves in order to achieve the goals they look forward to. And they should not be inspired in the top-down direction, but the bottom-up. One by one, they will rely on their own ideas and initiate actions by themselves, and the company will support them to do so. This is ONOCOM’s style, and also the company’s strength. We will reset the current ordinary attitude, and will spark the “If we don’t have it, we will create it.” attitude to challenge the new possibilities restlessly. We will continue our work while having the sense of fun and astonishment.

185 Thamma Lert Building, 4th Floor(Back Side), Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand ONOCOM ASIA CO., LTD.

Established 2015 ONOCOM ASIA

Since the foundation of company (in 1934), with “CREATION FROM ZERO” attitude, ONOCOM group has worked with various projects, exceeding 10,000 projects, such as buildings of many listed corporate headquarters, facilities of R&D institutes, manufacturing plants, logistics facilities, residential houses, commercial facilities, hospitals, public facilities, housing development, real estate development, art work projects with internationally known designers.

Leave the Japan and go overseas.
What we created with the “CREATION FROM ZERO” mindset is not just only BUILDINGS, but also PERSONS who will let our customers achieve their dreams, and MECHANISM which make the expected speed and cost possible. Also, we have established plenty of TRUST as well. It has been 83 years since our foundation, and we can continue our business because of this TRUST.

ONOCOM’s first task in Thailand was in 2005. As our customer had planned to set up manufacturing plant in Thailand, so making plan for manufacturing plant setup became our starting point. And 10 years after that event, ONOCOM ASIA was founded. Even in Thailand we also cherish “CREATION FROM ZERO” mindset. We believe that creating buildings is not only “design and construct” which has usually been said, but our work is to make a customer’s idea (MONOGATARI-story) to be in tangible shape (TATEMONO-building), to make it a successful story. So, we call it TATEMONO(building) + MONOGATARI(story) = TATEMONOGATARI (story of building)

We will listen closely to our customers as an architectural producer who will draw the customers’ TATEMONOGATARI, and we will discuss with many buildings to be picked up as customers’ ‘TATEMONOGATARI’ to find the solution together.

Building construction and design for planning, designing, supervising the construction

We will support you from the planning step of the new construction. We will closely discuss with customers in order to produce the building they desire. We will design the building which complies with Thailand’s laws and regulations and to be suitable with the weather. ONOCOM ASIA is a general construction company specializing in manufacturing business’ facilities such as factory, R&D facilities, office buildings, commercial facilities and logistic facilities.

Building’s expansion, repair, facilities renewal, and maintenance

We will support you on building’s expansion, repair, facilities renewal, and maintenance. High temperature and humid climate in Thailand can cause the early deterioration of buildings. We can repair roofs, walls, windows, and doors, update air-conditioners and production facilities, and also can set basis concrete for machine installation. Please feel free to consult us for updating ventilation fans and creation/installation of intaking / exhausting ducts.

Construction of interior, exterior, waterproof, civil engineering, electricity, and painting

Construction of interior, exterior, waterproof, civil engineering, electricity, and painting We can support you on your interior construction such as interior decoration of the office, set up or removal of partition walls, changing LED lighting, installing carpets, tile floors, or OA floors. And please feel free to rely on us for exterior construction such as exterior fence repair, painting, setting waterproof roofs, rain leakage, and outdoor warehouse construction.



About us

Establishment:April 2015
Address:185 Thamma Lert Building, 4th Floor(Back Side),Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Our business

General Contractor
Planning, design, construction supervision, maintenance of buildings, structures and facilities
Furniture making, sales, import and export
Vehicle rental, leasing




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